Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here Comes The Shower

What's with all the paper gowns you ask? Well, since someone's going to get the ring soon (pretty much soon), we are throwing her 'the' party every girl should have. I'll leave you thrilling for the details ok? Don't worry, pictures of the shower will soon be posted.. ;)

Notice that awkward smile plastered on my face? Ugh! Ever since I got the braces I couldn't do one picture with my signature 'Jhet smile'. Awww! #justsad! But I know soon enough I'll be used to this. 

The bride-to-be is on her way now, so off I go.. Ciao! ;)

Corset: Aissa's Boutique
Cardigan & Candy Pants: Thrifter's closet
Belt: Her Bench
Shoes: Hebe Manila

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