Thursday, June 20, 2013


What's particularly challenging for a lady who loves dressing up, like myself, is the workplace dress code.  Working in an academic institution is especially challenging as the level of decency and appropriateness has to always be maintained.  At times, when my capricious hormones get out of hand, I find myself donned in youthful casual ensemble, which I would later find to be inappropriate for work.  Seeming to be not very satisfied with my own judgment sometimes, I would get my mother and let her decide whether what I'm wearing can pass for a teacher-y look (read: One that won't make my students get distracted, one that the boss won't mind, and one that won't get me barred from entering the university premises, which by the way has a strict dress code.) And when the look in question doesn't get the mother's nod, I will have to spend a few more minutes in a quick search for Outfit B, which is harder to put together and I end up being late for work.  

This look in particular is a major cross between work-appropriate and too casual.  Anticipating the likely disapproval of the mother, I opted to just skip her opinion and ran towards the door.  Oh, the thrill that day brought! 

As a result, I ended up always dragging my dress down to lengthen its coverage before entering the boss' office and skipping the Dean's office and going directly to my class.  Well, no awkward moments transpired thankfully, and seeing the pictures now, well... I think the dress isn't that short after all. 

I still can't get over this denim vest - my latest denim find - and you cannot believe how much I got this for! I never thought thrift-hunting is more fun in the mountains! (It's a long story really, but to make it short, I and some colleagues had to go to some mountainous areas of the province to conduct interviews with the farmers. Work stuff.

 The vest gave the look a toughie vibe. So I put on this good ol' soft oxfords to complement that and some equally toughie accessories to match.  I know I looked kind of too casual for work that day, but, well, no one did mind.  This, by the way, is an all thrifted look. What do you think?

Dress, denim vest, shoes - thrifted
Bracelets - bazaar
Necklace - Mags
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