Monday, June 3, 2013

Denim Craze and Added Pounds

Did you notice it, too? Ugh! Now, this is serious. My additional width weight have now become extremely serious that everything else seems not. As a result, the melancholic me have acquired some extremely serious self-consciousness and diffidence, too.  Okay, not quite diffident actually, but I know that if I continue adding more weight, there will be no other way for me but be that.

So, what do I do, you ask?  Not much, really.  I just do Zumba and a few ab crunches every other day before I take a bath and prepare for work.  I alternately do the Zumba Abs Workout, Sculpt and Tone, Cardio, and the Dance Combo.  I haven't gone to the extreme resort of dieting yet, and I honestly don't have plans to come to that phase.  God forbid!  That would be too much to ask from a foodie such as myself.  Let me endure greater physical exertion if you will, but stay away from my food!  (*insert serious, stubborn Janjie-face here)

Anyway, on to my outfit.  In the past two weeks or so, I have been unconsciously accumulating denim pieces  - 2 denim dresses, 2 denim long-sleeved polo, and this short-sleeved one.  (And nope, not one is chambray.  I've looked up their differences to make sure I know what I'm talking about.)  Yes, I know the denim phase is so over, but who cares?  I don't believe in  fashion forwardness and jumping into the fashion bandwagon anyway.  This blog is about our own personal style - going with the trend or not - and not of somebody else's.  So there.

What I like about this new denim find is that it fits me like a glove.  Unlike my usual thrift finds, no alterations were necessary on this one.  The mother also was eyeing this top enviously this morning, which gives me an idea of how big the chance is of this ending up in her closet anytime soon.  Phew!  I also like the simplicity of this top.  It's so simple and comfortable, it would seem wrong to complicate it with unequally easy pieces, so I opted to pair it with this soft jeans and basic black flats. 

What do you think?

Top and jeans - thrifted
Flats - Solemate
Black pearl accessories - Marcella
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