Sunday, July 26, 2015

Investing for the Future

As I have previously been writing and telling people, my perspective in life has changed a great deal and my priorities have shifted the moment I got blessed with my little girl.  The things that mattered before turned out to be mediocre in my current state of mind, and hence placed at the bottom of my list (e.g. clothes and shoes).  There are also some things which were previously not on the list but turned out to be very important, and so they end up on top (e.g. investment).

 As our little K is is growing up, Jheck and I realized that we need to already look ahead and start investing for K's (and our other future children's) future.  And so a few months ago, I bumped into this blog that talks about stock market investing and was able to get my hands on a copy of Bo Sanchez's book entitled "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and Why You Should, too."  That book was a total eye opener.  I'm now on the thesis stage of my MBA but I realized that I have zero knowledge about how the stock market works. The topic was not even mentioned in even a single one of my management classes in college.  Such a shame, I know.  I remember one of my classmates asking the same question during one of my MBA classes, but it was clear our prof was struggling to give us a decent answer, and so we just let the issue die down after one follow-up question so as to spare him from further humiliation.  So anyway, back to the book.  I got so inspired with how Bro. Bo's househelps (who do no even hold degrees) are investing in the stock market and how they are earning from it.  I then started researching on the topic, and reading blogs and ebooks until Jheck and I finally decided to give it a try.

I never looked back ever since.  We started with only a little amount and keep adding a fixed amount every month.  We are in for the long term and so when the stocks went down last month, we held on to the reassurances of Bro. Bo and the financial advisers of the Truly Rich Club.  This month I have seen the stocks soar and my portfolio going green and I could not be any happier.  Starting to invest this early is a good thing, we were told, that is why I try to influence other people my age to start looking at money differently and spend and save their hard-earned money smartly.  Of course, it's no surprise that a lot of people do not see things the way I see it.  It's not for everyone after all; but I hope one day these people finally get their Aha! moment. Before it's too late for them, that is.

I decided to start advocating about stock market investing and personal finance management and writing about it along with the my other interests on this blog.  However, at the moment I am concentrating on finishing my thesis, so this will probably have to wait for a while.  Moreover, I am also still struggling to fight off my old unhealthy spending habits.  I have sod off the regular unnecessary shopping, thankfully; but my unnecessary eating out I seem to be having problems.  My hormones and regular cravings are to blame. I am fighting. Really. Hard.  More updates on this real soon. Meanwhile, please wish me luck on this fight as well as on the successful completion of my thesis.


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