Thursday, May 28, 2015

On Motherhood

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This blog has become an orphan for so long a time already.  Apparently, my demanding job, motherhood, and wife duties happened.  No regrets there, definitely. Priorities, priorities! 

Anyway, our little bundle is turning 10 months next week. She's growing so fast! Despite seeing her everyday, I still get surprised at how big and tall she gets whenever I look at her at night. I know every mother out there agrees at how amazing it feels to just stare at your little one soundly sleeping, oblivious to the overwhelming love that she makes you feel.  And then you look at your husband, your other half, the one who shares the world that your child holds, and you get a surreal mix of love and gratitude and an immense sense of tranquility. 

Motherhood really changed me.   It made me selfless, patient, and enduring, among other things. Motherhood made me see things differently; it gave my life more meaning and purpose.  The things that I once thought are what only matters I now see as trivial and self-serving, that when I look back, I am reminded of how frivolous I once think. 

K surprises me every day. She learns new tricks and new syllables as she grows and it's immense joy whenever she shows them to us. She's also slowly learning to stand up on her own and making her first few steps, and that make me super happy and proud.  I know my husband and I still have a long, long way to go and we are preparing ourselves for it. Some things do not and will not always go as planned, but we try to welcome every detour as patiently as we can. 

My future posts will now be centered on my journey as a newbie mom, wife, and a professional.  It's going to take some good juggling, yes, but I am positive that I can manage. Every day opens up a new door for learning and I try to welcome each lesson with all the positivity and calm that I can muster.  

Please join me in my journey and let's learn together. 



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