Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Chicken Cajun with Lemon and Pepper

Growing up, I wasn’t one to be in the kitchen preparing food but one who’s always first in the dining table. Cooking was just not my thing. Eating on the other hand surely was and still is. There was no room for trying to learn how to cook because we were all relying on dad, the master cook in the house. But then again, there’s always the start of everything. One way to push me to do something dramatic is when I find myself inspired and challenged at the same time. I remember when mom and I went out to eat, she took me out on a date to this new restaurant. We ordered this dish and it was so sumptuous and flavorful. The mix of everything was just perfect! I guess you could say it was the 'dramatic' moment. (haha!) I never even thought I'd actually give cooking a try and also love mustard at the same time... until then. So because of this one dish, I had to learn how to cook! And there goes the start of me in the kitchen and to the rest of the many cooking experiments.

Of course it wasn’t all that perfect at first. But a few ingredients here and there and with a little help from my family as taste testers, et viola! Perfection has come! Now I can cook it for everyone, especially my mom, my number one customer and my favorite food critic. And I am as well pleased and excited to share this recipe to you.


1 Magnolia Fresh Whole Chicken

1 tbsp lemon and pepper powder
1 tbsp cajun powder
1 clove minced garlic
1 stalk onion leeks
1 egg
200g breading mix
200g bread crumbs

Let's get cookin'!


Tadaah! Don’t forget to drop your comments and suggestions and let me know how your own home cooked Chicken Cajun with Lemon and Pepper went. Don't forget to buy only Magnolia Fresh Chicken (because that’s the only chicken I know and have ever used. Like ever!) because of it's premium and fresh quality and as it is one of the main brands of San Miguel Pure Foods Inc., the country’s leading producer and marketer of branded poultry products. And what I love most of all is that you get the same quality of fresh chicken over and over. So how cool is that? Truly true to the name Fresh Chicken. It’s masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya!

I hope you were also inspired to experiment and cook more dishes at your own home. Not only is home cooking a healthier choice and help you save your budget but most importantly, you get to spend good quality time with your family also.

Happy cooking everyone! ;-)

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