Wednesday, April 29, 2015

12 Fun and Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures

Summer is finally here ladies! Like me, I know all of you have felt the scorching heat of the sun too, and that just makes me want to get out and dive into the still blue waters. Oh how I wish there's an out-of-town-beach-and-sand getaway around the corner but, as work and busy schedules won't allow us (yet), we'll just sit and die out of envy with all our facebook and instagram friends posting out their hot summer adventures. (sad) But then again summer is not yet over! (yay!)

So if you're on your summer outfits already and enjoying that summer getaway, here are a few fun ideas that you could try for taking creative beach pictures to swim in your facebook and instagram page:

1. Beach ball fun!

2. Hold unto the sun

 3. Sunset Cartwheel

4. Silhouette

5. Sunlight and sand

6. Baby and the beach

7. Love at the beach

8. Vintage

9. Designs in the sand

10. Underwater

11. Water fun

12. Toes in the sand

Have fun!

Jhet and Janjie

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