Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year. New Life.

It's amazing how life sometimes catches you off guard... gives you something you longingly pray for at the best possible time. And you get so overwhelmed by the timing. Then you realize you are complete. Finally. That there is nothing else in the world you wish to be given of right at this moment. 

This new journey I will have to take on entails a whole lot of responsibility; but with my families, friends, and Argey behind me all the time, I know this one we can nail. And I wish you all will still be part of that journey with me, wherever you are in the world. Expect some drastic swings in the life of this blog, by the way. Though, of course, there is Jhet to keep us all on track. 

Happy New Year, lovies!

Dress - thrifted
Sandals - Crocs
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