Monday, January 6, 2014

Happiness Starts With Friends

Even though we plan our dates ahead of time, it still ain't easy for us to have a get-together like this. But everytime we have one, it feels like we are never islands apart for a few months or so. And there has never been one boring and awkward moment catching up with these guys, you know. No need of expensive planned and listed activities to do to make it worthwhile. Set a date, have dinner, and the rest is history. So what more could I ask for than to spend a Christmas and year-end date with these crazy people? ...and giraffe? ;)

Yes, that yellow I'm-sticking-my-head-out-of-the-bag-is-Giraffe. And yes, her name is Giraffe.


I miss these girls already!! Aww.. Until the next get-together, and I mean the Surigao summer vacation, okay? 


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