Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey Twenty Four

Janjie and I have been awol on the blog lately. Sorry you guys but we've been pretty busy with work, and catching up (with work) that we could now probably be crowned the busiest of them all. We'll make it up to you soonest, ayt? *wink!

So, while Janjie is enjoying her Mac experience in Davao, with some of the Pylon staff, I'm here celebrating my birthday. Yep she knows she has a lot of making up to do. Evil laugh! She loves me to death that she'll treat me out this weekend with all the sumptuous food and relaxing spa and more girl time. Love you too Janj! Haha!

Anyhoo, I had to squeeze this in in my super busy work schedule because it's-my-birthday-today-and-I-really-have-to. This is not so artsy really. Considering the new work schedule and biological clock, I only had to grab whatever I could find and poof! a floral skirt, pink tube top, belt and a pair of ankle strapped flats. And to complete the birthday themed post, luckily I found baby Zayn's balloons in her room. Thanks baby, I owe one!

To everyone who greeted me and made this day totally awesome, THANK YOU! To my friends, you know who you guys are, where's my birthday cake? Haha! And to my family who never fails to make me laugh the hardest, you made my day. Awww! Cheezy stops here na.. thanks guys! 

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