Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Searching for Vintage

Last week on our way out of town, Leop and I were busy chatting and catching up. Within our thirty-minute ride on the bus, we were so busy talking about books, clothes, and the usual jhet-and-leop-conversation, and we both ended up craving for the same thing - vintage. We decided that we will (soon) have to buy ourselves vintage bikes with cute baskets on the front and vintage and cute clothes to wear. We were even laughing at old houses and cars that we passed by and pointed out which one we'd buy too! Ok, that was probably over the top, but that was awesome!

I haven't had the time to visit the thrift store yet to get myself some vintage finds. Just sad. But, one lucky day, I found my friend (and co-worker before) wearing this peach dress with polka dots and I joked that I have to have her dress. Honestly it was a joke, but jokes are half meant! Wink! And because you guys are seeing me wear it here, yep she said yes. Goodie!

Dress: Gifted!
Belt: Thrifted:
Bracelet: Aissa's
Wedge: Primadonna

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