Monday, May 19, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Week 25, Time to Shop & Travel

I'm on my 25th week now, and I just wish time comes a little faster now. Now I'm past the second trimester and entering the third and last 3 months of my pregnancy. I don't know what first-time mommies usually feel during this time, but I feel excited more than scared, really. I have slowly learned of the patterns in the baby's movements already, and she flutters and kicks now when I stroke my tummy, when Jheck and I call her, or when Wabby, our dog, barks at my tummy.

Oh, did you notice I now use one pronoun? Yep, it's a SHE and Jheck and I could not be happier! (*insert big, toothy smile here)

According to, where I usually learn about pregnancy stuff, my little one now measures 13 1/2 inches and weighs about 1 1/2 lbs. ONLY one and a half friggin' pounds, which means all these weight that I'm gaining is ALL MINE!!! (*sniff)

My OB asked me to go on a diet already, which I'm doing. I swear, I'm doing my best! I have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast; full meal with brown rice for lunch; and oatmeal and milk, and sometimes just fruits for dinner. I also eat wheat bread with peanut butter, wheat crackers, raisins, or fruits in between meals, too.   But the other day when I stood on a weighing scale, I swear I just gained another five pounds, and it's not even the end of the month yet.


Anyway, Jheck and I have already started with the baby stuff shopping. We always visit the baby sections in the malls that we have around Dumaguete, but we do most of the shopping online. We got to try these two shopping sites yet:

1. Tots and Toddlers (

Shopping here is fuss-free and easy. I love that their items are unique, quirky, and reasonably-priced. We got Carter's bodysuits, bather and receiving blankets, Avent baby bottles, and cute rompers. We also got this nest that is so hard to resist!

I find shopping at Tots and Toddlers so convenient. You have a lot of payment options, including bank transfer and Paypal. Average delivery period for provincial destinations is 3 days, but we got ours in 2. 

I love their unique items, too, but my shopping experience with them was not very pleasant. It turned out that some of the items that I had reserved was already sold out, and they told me that after I already made the payment. As a result I had to change the items or get a refund, so I just browsed around again and looked for new items. It's so sad that the fabric diapers and shoes that I liked were no longer available, and I was stuck with the ones that are. I also told them to insert the amount that was not expended due to the changing of items on the package, but no money was there when it arrived. I still received the delivery with the new items, though, which tells us that they are legit; but if you plan on purchasing items from them, you better make sure the items that you like are really available. 


Last weekend, Argey and I went on a short break and traveled to Cebu. I was quite hesitant at first to go on a 4-hour bus ride, but I realized that I will no longer have the chance to go out in a few week's time and until a few months after the delivery, so I just decided to go. I did a lot of research on travelling with a six-month baby bump and found out that it is safe, as long as you keep yourself hydrated. Flexing the feet and changing sitting positions frequently also helps in keeping the blood flow normal. So, yep, I survived! Keeping my pace slow and always drinking water helped a lot. 

Jheck and I visited Sto. Niño Basilica and strolled around the malls. Of course, we never missed the baby stores. We got a few additional bodysuits and rompers, some pretty socks, and hooded towels. We are often told not to splurge on baby clothing so much because she'll likely grow very fast, but I'm still working on resisting the overloaded cuteness of those little clothes and dresses. Urgh, so hard!

We also visited La Vie Parisienne. I have been longing to eat there, and I finally got the chance to. True to what others said, their croissants are to die for! It's the best croissant I've ever tasted! 


If you're planning to head to Cebu City anytime soon, never fail to visit La Vie Pariesienne. It's along Gorordo Ave., Lahug, right beside the famous French Restaurant, La Maison Rose.

I'm surely going back there as soon as I can, maybe with our baby girl in tow already!



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