Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Week 21

So, I decided to create this segment on the blog to chronicle my pregnancy journey. This segment will not only allow me to share to you, guys, my pregnancy experiences, but will also serve as a mini-diary that I can always look back at to relive this special moment in my life. 

I'm on my 21st week now and the little one now makes sure I feel his/her presence inside me. Those stirs and nudges are becoming very pronounced now and I think I'm starting to see a pattern in his/her movement. Ugh, it's kind of hard what pronoun to use for the baby, and I can't wait for our scheduled ultrasound next week. I am getting impatient by the day and I so want to know if our little one is a he or a she, stat! 

According to one article that I read, our little one can now taste whatever I'm taking in. This makes me extra cautious now about what I eat or drink. He/she can now recognize Argey's voice, too! Whenever hubby calls him/her, he stirs and kicks and responds to his voice. Phew! They already got a special bond, and I suddenly felt left out! 

It is now a little hard for me to get the right sleeping position, too. My OB said to always sleep on my left side for proper blood flow, and I swear I'm trying hard to stay in the position. But sometimes I just have to deal with the pain in my back and side. Argey has been a huge help, however. He is such a sweet hubby and he never deprives me with the foot and back massage that I need before bedtime. He tucks me to sleep, too, and arranges the many pillows that I need before going back to do his work.  

It really is true what they say about pregnancy filling in a gap in your life that you once thought does not exist. There are, of course, the inconveniences that go with the condition, not to mention the weirdness that comes with every prenatal visit to my OB; but beyond all that is this certain kind of happiness and fulfillment that I feel. These and the excitement to finally meet him/her really pays off all the troubles. 

See you on the monitor next week, baby! Mama's beyond excited!



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